Friday, December 16, 2011

[Tips Menarik] How To Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker?

How To Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker? 

Google Crome
Install and no more annoying sidebar ticker.

Mozilla Firefox
Install this Greasemonkey script into Firefox, if you already haven’t. You will see a monkey face in upper-right corner of Firefox after installation.

Click here to download another script & install it into Firefox. (the scripts are in KBs, worry not )
Restart Firefox and see the Facebook ticker bar vanish!

Right-Click here and choose Save linked content as…. from the drop-down menu
Save the file onto your desktop.
Go to the desktop & rename the file so it ends with user.js i.e. the downloaded script must be renamed to 93039.user.js from 93039.user
Now open Opera, go to Menu>Settings>Preferences or press Ctrl+F12.
Click on advanced tab & choose Content from left sidebar & click on button Javascript Options.
Below the new dialog box that opens, click button Choose & browse to the desktop & click OK.
Click OK to close all open dialog boxes and restart Opera, now open Facebook & your Ticker news sidebar must have vanished!

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